3 Stay at home Date night Ideas for Christian couples

Newly weds on a date!

When my husband and I first got married we did all sorts of exciting things together. We would go painting, and horseback riding.. We would even go exploring historical parks and museums together! But a lot has changed since then. We have been born again. And I’m not saying that any of those things are sin but a lot of things that people of the world typically do on date night is. For instance, going to the movie theater. We used to enjoy watching movies together until the Lord began to convict us. Now, we can see how we (as followers of Jesus Christ) have no business sitting around snacking with unbelievers watching all manner of sin and wickedness being glamorized glorified.  And speaking of unbelievers, it has also become more challenging to date now that we’re uncomfortable leaving our children with other people. So with our options slim and no where to leave the kids, I had just given up on dating altogether. But lately I’ve noticing my husband craving my attention. And I’ve heard him mention (more than once!) how he believes that dating (or alone time without the kids) is very important in marriage. So I’ve been trying to make dating a priority, and I want to share what we’ve been doing so far because it’s been working.

1. Couple’s  massages

Now my husband is always rubbing me down 🙂 He says that it’s relaxing to him. So I knew that it would be a good idea to just dedicate a whole night to giving each other massages. My husband’s work is very hard on his body so we invested in a massage table but that isn’t really necessary.  Just light some candles, heat up your massage oils and lay a towel on your bed (or floor!) and cater to your husband.

2. Charcuterie boards

When the kids are off to bed, assemble a charcuterie  board and have yourselves a little picnic. You guys can just catch up or simply play a game of scrabble (or something!). And just in case you’re wondering, I bought a cute little serving board from TJ Maxx but you can use a TV tray (or even a regular plate). Do what you can with what you have. Also, I assemble my board with an assortment of cured meats and cheeses. And I also add fresh fruit, dark chocolate, nuts, olives, crackers and hummus. Again, use what you can (and what you guys like). We normally already have these types of finger foods in the house.

3. Cooking (and baking!) together

Now me and my husband like to cook (and eat!) so partnering up to try new recipes is exciting to us. Get the kids situated with a pizza or something good (so they won’t desire what you guys are cooking for yourselves) and print out a recipe that sound delicious and have some fun in the kitchen!

I hope that these ideas have inspired you. Let me know what you and your husband do for date nights at home, I want to be inspired too!

Much love,



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